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Stay on Top of Your Eye Health

Eye examinations involve thorough, in-depth assessments of your ocular health and visual acuity to pinpoint the early signs of eye disease. Undergoing regular eye exams is the most effective way to catch eye conditions at an early enough stage to maximize your chances of treatment and recovery.

At Vision Optique, our comprehensive eye exams involve an evaluation of your eye’s physical health, movement and coordination, and visual clarity. If we notice an issue, we can begin treatment immediately and recommend an appropriate course of action.

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What Our Exams Entail

When you visit our office for an eye exam, you’ll receive a high-tech, custom appointment that is tailored to your lifestyle and needs. You will be able to share your medical history, any medications you currently take, and whether you currently wear corrective lenses. You can also discuss any issues you may be experiencing and ask any questions you may have.

We will then use a standard letter chart to determine your visual acuity. These tests will allow us to see if you have any refractive errors that will require you to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. If necessary, we will use a phoropter to evaluate what level of eyeglass or contact lens prescription you may need.

We will use additional technologies to assess your eye health and determine if you may need specific treatment. These technologies include:

  • Corneal topography (mapping)
  • Optos retinal imaging
  • Meibomian gland assessment

We will also perform various tests to measure your pupils and their ability to respond to light. Additionally, we will test your peripheral vision, your eye alignment, and strength of your ocular muscles.

Your eye exam may also involve tonometry to measure your intraocular pressure and dilating eye drops to give us a better view of the back of your eye and optic nerve.

We will also have a detailed discussion about your current lifestyle and digital habits. We can fit you with custom computer glasses to mitigate symptoms of digital eye strain.

After the exam, we will have a conversation about your health and goals. We’ll provide any necessary education that pertains to your specific needs and lifestyle, alongside habits to prevent disease and protect your vision. If we detect and diagnose a concern, we’ll walk you through treatment plans and solutions to keep you healthy and comfortable.

When to Have My Eyes Looked At

We recommend visiting us at regular intervals to ensure your eye health is well-monitored, and you can seek treatment for any early signs of disease promptly and effectively.

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