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Providing Pediatric Eye Care for the Eyes of Tomorrow

Routine eye exams are essential for children to be ready to learn in school, and experts say more than 80 percent of information children receive in classrooms is presented visually.

Reliable vision plays a significant role in your child’s physical and mental development. Equal input from both eyes helps the brain’s vision centers develop normally, so proper monitoring is important for diagnosing problems before they worsen.

However, if visual problems are promptly addressed, results are usually effective. Your child’s vision may become limited in irreversible ways if refractive errors or misaligned eyes go untreated.

At Vision Optique, we recommend all school-aged children receive a comprehensive annual eye exam before they start kindergarten, and annually after.

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When to Have Your Child’s Eyes Examined

From birth, your child will have minimal vision. However, as they grow, their vision will rapidly improve to allow them to take in the world around them. It is essential to have your child’s eyes professionally examined at various stages in their life to detect early signs of vision problems and monitor their development.

After your child is born, you should have a red reflex test performed as a primary indicator that their eyes are healthy. However, if your child is considered “high risk,” a comprehensive eye examination may be necessary to rule out any underlying issues.

As your child grows, their vision will adapt to help them learn and grow. Bring them in for a second eye exam before their 1st birthday to evaluate how their eyes have changed since birth.

We recommend a pediatric ophthalmologist for children up to age 5. We see children age 5 and older at Vision Optique.

When your child is entering school, ensure they are receiving annual eye exams to address any sudden changes to their vision as their bodies grow and to identify any focusing or learning issues. The most common condition discovered in school-age children is myopia, which can be treated effectively with eyeglasses and other methods to slow its progression.

Common Vision Problems in Children

Refractive errors are a common vision problem affecting over 11 million Americans. Uncorrected visual errors can lead to blurred vision and difficulty performing in school and extracurricular activities. The most common refractive errors are:

  • Myopia (Nearsightedness)
  • Hyperopia (Farsightedness)
  • Astigmatism (Corneal Irregularity)

Strabismus is a visual problem that causes one or both eyes to cross or turn in different directions. Strabismus affects around 4% of all children in the United States and may occur later in life.

Strabismus is usually caused by uncorrected vision problems where the eyes turn inward or outward to focus on objects up close or far away.

We co-manage with leading pediatric ophthalmologists in the Houston area to provide the best possible comprehensive care for your children.

When 1 or both eyes do not develop properly, amblyopia, or “lazy eye” can occur. Amblyopia occurs when 1 or both eyes “drift” and do not appear to be focusing on an object.

Usually, amblyopia develops as a result of an untreated refractive error or poor binocular vision.

If we have detected and diagnosed amblyopia in your child, we will determine a customized treatment program to help mitigate symptoms. Treatment plans typically involve frequent eye examinations, eye patches, exercises, and other things discussed during your appointment.

At Vision Optique, our experienced doctors are committed to evaluating your child’s vision and eye health and implementing treatment when necessary.

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